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Brea Executive Suites

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“I was one of the first tenants in the Brea Executive Suites back in 1990 – and I’m still here!  Being here at the executive suites is a very cost effective way to run your business.  You will be greeted by Nora (the office manager) at the front desk which will put a smile on your face…and you will have access to a large conference room and plenty of parking spaces.”

Gabriel O.


"I looked at every available small office location in and around Brea and none seemed to be the right fit.  All I needed was one walk through to see that this location was a perfect fit for my business.  The building and premises are kept very clean and secure.  All tenants are easy to get along with and respectful of the business environment.  I have already referred a few friends looking to start up a new business or downsizing their current company.  I personally have no plans or desire for a change.  I have everything I need right here."

- Mike S.

"I have been a tenant of Brea Executive Suites for over two years.  The facilities are excellently maintained and the staff is professional, knowledgeable and provides special services as needed.  My clients remark favorably on the central location, easy access and pleasant staff.  I highly recommend the Brea Executive Suites to any professional looking for quality office space."

- Jerry R.


"I’ve been here for one year.  The facility is great.  Just the right space I need for an office.  It is quiet during the day with no interruptions.  Nora, the on-site manager, is very professional with very helpful assistance when needed.  Everyone in the building is friendly and polite.  The location of the facility is centrally located to most of my customers in Orange County.  I strongly recommend the Brea Executive Suites."

- Joe H.

"Being a virtual tenant with Brea Executive Suites allows us all of the benefits of having an office-based business without actually needing an office. As a commercial insurance broker we can average up to 30 calls per day. All of our calls are handled promptly and professionally by the receptionist and forwarded to us.

Most of our client meetings are almost always held at our client’s place of business. However, in the event a client or prospective client needs to meet with us, the conference room is always made available to us.

As a virtual tenant we have been able to continue to grow our business without sacrificing any services to our clients."

-Nick P.